Mike Brown’s career began in an independent music store with a legitimate position as a cashier and a boldfaced lie about his ability as an actual musician. Both of which motivated him to buy a bass, learn to play it and join a rock band (not necessarily in that order).

Four major cities, a couple of bachelors degrees and some masters classes later, Mike is a proficient and accomplished player of both electric and double bass who has supported himself financially and creatively exploring everything from rock, to jazz, to classical and a touch of country. 

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY (he’s not a vegan, doesn’t wear skinny jeans and can’t knit) specializing in “New/Avant-Garde Music” and “extended techniques” he leads May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way and is part of the Brown/Jewell duo along with many other groups including Kotorino, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Keva, Charles Atlas, Now Over Ever, The Kerosene Ensemble, Fingerprint and can frequently be seen playing with David Cieri.